Reading Makes Cent$

This year, Henderson Elementary will be participating in the Reading Makes Cent$ Program! In the library, students will read and discuss this years Reading Makes Cent$ book selections:

  John Deere Book CoverEllea Earns her own Money book coverSpend it Book cover

Purposepicture of a dollar sign

The concepts of scarcity, choices, money, and saving for the future are valuable life lessons … and what better way to teach them to students than through great books?

Through active participation in the Reading Makes Cents program, K–5 students will discover, understand, and apply the following History and Social Science SOL concepts:

outline picture of an open book
  • SCARCITY (limited resources) and that people make choices because they cannot have everything they want
  • All CHOICES have an OPPORTUNITY COST (the second choice given up when making a choice)
  • People WORK to earn MONEY to buy goods and services and SAVE to purchase things in the future

To Participate

A copy of the Reading Challenge form and a sample books list were sent home in your student's Friday Folder. Your student should then track his or her reading activity and, with your help, fill out the log and requested information. Once completed, submit the Reading Challenge by April 12, 2019 using the instructions on the form.  Do NOT return the form to school.

For additional information, go the Reading Makes Cents Website