Regulation 721-1
                                                                     Student Transfers

Student Transfer Request Points:

~ Transfer season for grades first through eighth is January 2 - April 30, 2012.   Kindergarten transfer request season begins the first day of kindergarten registration. Kindergarten students, who complete registration after the kindergarten registration dates, have 30 days to request a transfer.

~ Transfer requests apply to residents of Prince William County only.

~ PWCS will consider approval for transfer requests for:                                                                                            
  •  Family Relocation (Attach lease or deed)Complete school year in the school year started
  •  Designated site program
  •  Child care (elementary/middle) - verification of child care form required
  •  Both parent/guardian must be employed full-time outside of the home
  •  Physical or psychological needs - Student Transfer addendum required
  •  SACC closure
  •  PWCS Employee **37.5 or more hours and provide work location. ** Not allowed for designated site programs that require a lottery for acceptance of students

~ Transfers must be requested each school year, with the exception of site specific program

~ Principals may disapprove a request for the next school year based on student conduct, attendance, or continued tardies after the school has initiated contact with the family and interventions have been implemented to address these issues.