MyON is a Reading website with an extensive digital library! Students can visit the Digital Learning Day project to read 1-2 books per day reviewing previously taught Science and Social Studies curriculum. Students are welcome to explore and read anything and everything else they find interesting! 
*MyON is accessed through Clever.

IXL is a web-based tool for targeted skill mastery. Students should see their suggested skills for pratice, but are welcome to go beyond just the suggested skills. Mastering skills from the Learning Recommendations wall is a wonderful way to help your child progress from wherever he or she is at in Language Arts and Math.
*IXL is accessed through Clever.

SOLPass is a website with great Virginia Studies and Science resources. Upon logging in, your child can access games, study guides, flashcards, and more. This is a wonderful resource for reviewing the content your child has learned this school year. 

BrainPop and BrainPop Jr.
BrainPop is another great resource for education explanations on a variety of topics. There are quizzes and games connected to each topic. For an extra challenge,  students can Make-A-Map or Make-a Movie once they've  have watched one of the movies. It will help them remember the topic and showcase their knowledge!
*BrainPop is accessed through Clever.


Wixie is a platform for Digital Learning Portfolios. Students can search through the digital templates to create their own projects or start a project from scratch. Wixie's Graphic Organizers are excellent ways for your child to organize his or her thoughts about reading, and Wixie also has an extensive collection of creative writing prompts and templates. Wixie is a wonderful way for your child to use Digital Learning Days as opportunities for creativity and reflection on what he or she has learned so far this school year.
*Wixie is accessed through Clever.

Newsela is a website with articles related to current events tailor-made for students. Students accounts have been set up so all articles on a level appropriate for students. Your child can scroll through and find an article interesting to him or her.
*Newsela is accessed through Clever. is a website used to teach students the fundamentals of computer science and coding. All students in my class have been enrolled in a Computer Science Fundamentals course designed to teach them the necessary basics. This website is a fan favorite with the kids, and would be a great way to spend some of our digital learning time!
* is accessed through Clever.

Bedtime Math
Bedtime math is a free website that has daily math conversation topics to share with your family.